Zui Quan deadly kicks

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Zui Quan deadly kicks

Post  Sean Wang the Drunken Mas on Wed Jun 10, 2009 8:21 am

When performing Zui Quan it is important to remember one two things. 1 speed 2 BALANCE. Most people performing Zui Quan try to kick with there legs folded in and there back arched. This method isnt Zui Quan but merely Jackie Chan magic. The way to be able to kick without humiliating yourself you must strengthen your legs momentum and move them side to side in a 'drunken' manner. after Building momentum Launching off deadly groin and leg strikes should be fairly easy. Granted this is more of the 'Dunken Monkey' way of attacking, But people unfamiliar with Contempary Wushu could use this as a starting point in learning. I hope that these suggestions will help some one.

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