Mizong/Mi zhong Quan

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Mizong/Mi zhong Quan

Post  wuxia_warrior on Wed Dec 31, 2008 12:44 am

This is a mizong form (by Shi De Yang again)

But the first "mizong" video I came to was:
...and I thought, "That looks a lot like baji!" I saw some of the commentors agreed. It doesn't, however, look anything close to the other mizong videos.

From what I've read, Mizong quan is the style used by Huo Yuan Jia (main character of Fearless) but if I'm not mistaken, Jet Li used Fanziquan in the movie (at least for the scenes where he was practicing forms) rather than mizong.


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Re: Mizong/Mi zhong Quan

Post  Whiteape on Wed Dec 31, 2008 7:36 am

The second video does have some distinct baji influence and techniques in it, but it is not a baji form from what I can tell. Mizong or lost track boxing was supposedly comprised of numerous styles, both internal and external, and was meant to be confusing and varied. I have read that there are many different sets and that no one knows the whole thing, but this is just pieced together information to me. So we may see many completely different looking mizong forms. Some could be bogus and just using the noteriety of the name too. Baji could quite possibly be one of the styles incorporated in mizong. In fist of legend at one point Jet Li does a form that he calls the huo style and it looks like all baji movements to me, but he does it with more of a fanzi like flavor (which just looks all weird and wrong imo and I don't believe it was authentic in any way). I think generally if someone teaching mizong can trace their lineage back to huo and jingwu it's probably an authentic mizong set.


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