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Excellent xingyi

Post  Whiteape on Wed Oct 01, 2008 2:10 pm

This is Li Tailiang a che style xingyi practitioner and former sanshou coach at the Beijing Sports University. There is often alot of debate among "traditionalists" about wushu being authentic and many that would discredit anything affiliated with the university or the communist government. Here is a good example of someone from this community who has excellent skills in a very traditional lineage and has experience with competitive fighting etc... There are many like him and masters Xu and Lu involved with the ministry of sports and the university. While much of modern wushu training is far from the traditional stuff, being involved in the community does not preclude one from having real skill. In fact they are much more likely to be exposed to some of the best practictioners in the world. If they seek out real skill, they will find it and if they just want flowery competition oriented forms then that's what they'll get. Their is a much bigger world out there than many people would have you think so don't let people tell you your not getting the "real thing" because they also do modern stuff. Master Lu was national wushu champion in all of China in the 90's and he is a xingyi master and has great ability in the internal arts. The master in this video (Li) is just a good readily available example I like to point to.


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