Anderson Silva vs James Irvin

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Anderson Silva vs James Irvin

Post  Eryn on Sun Aug 03, 2008 6:04 pm

This is the latest Anderson Silva bout; he moved up a weight class to fight this man and picked him apart flawlessly. This guy is an example of terrific striking and grappling skill, woven into a cohesive mastery of combative tactile awareness. Notice how he easily he reads an opponent, almost psychically predicting what will happen. He has a terrific sense for reading telegraphed movement, which most fighters aren't quick enough to hide. His calculative striking skill is top notch as well.

Another thing I appreciate is his size, as he tends to be smaller than most of his opponents. Its his technique, conditioning and cunning that give him the edge. My pick for best fighter in MMA now, pound for pound.

I also added another highlight reel.


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