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Let's use this better

Post  Whiteape on Wed Jun 04, 2008 1:27 pm

Hey everybody, Blake here. I don't know if anyone's even checking this forum right now, but I think we should make better use of this. I know I don't drop in to class very often right now, but it seems to me that people could be using this forum for more technical advice and discussion about their actual training. I am eager and willing to offer advice here and sometimes it is easier in an informal discussion than it is in class to address certain things. I would actually propose that everyone should be posting a question or contributing in some way at least once a week. If you read this, please pass it on to other members and those who haven't posted in this forum yet should participate too. We are a fairly small group so it will take an effort from everyone, but I belive it would pay off and be a source of inspiration in everyone's training. I'm sure there are alot of details about everyone's training and wushu in general that people have been wondering about, so please fire away.


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