Kicking with weight

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Kicking with weight

Post  Eryn on Fri Jan 20, 2012 4:47 pm

Here's a ballistic motion kicking routine I've done through the years. Basically you just throw various kicks with weight attached to each foot. In the video are the front kick, side kick, roundhouse, hook, and back kick. Stretch kicks can also be done, which is killer on your midsection and thighs. My kicks are slower in this clip because I have 7 lb ankleweights attached to each foot--my goal is to eventually get up to 20 lbs each ankleweight. Attaching the ankleweights to the feet make the kicks harder due to the weight distribution. Try to hit all the different ranges of motion. In my experience, this will make kicks much faster and more powerful. Make sure you maintain the best form you can and be careful of the joints doing these.


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