Vibrating Palm

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Vibrating Palm

Post  wuxia_warrior on Mon Jul 05, 2010 3:27 pm

I've been watching this guy's videos for a while. His bagua seems unusual, but I think he knows what he's talking about, and much more than me.


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Re: Vibrating Palm

Post  Whiteape on Fri Jul 09, 2010 12:04 pm

That's a pretty cool demo to watch. About 7 years ago I was hanging out and drinking with some friends from work, one of which happened to be a 2nd degree black belt (Isshinryu maybe?). We were all playing a stupid Jackass-esque game where we would lift our shirts and someone would smack you on the lower back as hard as they could. I was taking it quite easy on people because I was pretty sure I would do some actual damage with a palm blow. I was just whipping people with my fingers instead which was still causing a lot of pain apparently. I got talking with this Karate guy Will about technique and that I would never actually do a full on palm blow because it could be dangerous which he kind of agreed. We were both holding back and using our fingers only. Anyway he started talking about using the whipping of fingers to tear the skin and I was talking about penetrating through. People overheard this and wanted us to lay in to each other, so of course we complied. I struck him first. He was in a lot of pain and finger marks appeared just like they did in this demo. I would still describe the strike as superficial as I didn't do a full palm strike. He then struck me. The strike stung, but they pain was easy enough to shrug off. He did however draw blood like he described, which was pretty cool. The whole scenario is pretty stupid admittedly, but I am familiar with the effect demonstrated already.

I keep seeing this guys demos and they seem pretty good. It seems he approaches things from kind of the mystical side though and some of the details of their background sound a bit dodgy from description. I like his movement though.


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