actually mixing a martial art.

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actually mixing a martial art.

Post  Sean Wang the Drunken Mas on Wed Jul 22, 2009 6:28 pm

the other day i was going through a few move list on wushu and traditional Muay-thai. I was just browising looking up moves and i had an idea. i took a fiew simple moves from muay thai like 'kinght throws axe' and 'craban visits lanka' and i mexed them into my wush warm up. i realised that these moves were almost a style of there own. I figured this was improvising or creating a new move. but i meen is it wrng to truley mix to completly different styles and make them one? i didnt know if this went back on respect for tradition or if it improved on the method i had learned,even though itsso different from each style? i didnt know if these moves could be considred legal or if they were just considred a rip of both techniques. im confused on this because if i can i want to see how many moves sync up and what i can concoct in my move list. id also like to know if anyone else has done this.

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